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Wednesday, November 16, 2011
How to enable Secure Cloud Computing
Dan Lohrmann
Dan Lohrmann
Elayne Starkey
Elayne Starkey
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Three security issues loom large over the future of Cloud Computing: 1) Will corporate IT security policies still apply to the applications and services delivered via the cloud? 2) How will a CIO prove to management and clients that the company’s applications and services are as secure as before the cloud and meeting all SLAs? 3) Will security be robust enough to pass any compliance audits required? Only when each of these 3 concerns can be answered with a resounding “YES!”, will cloud computing be finally considered secure. Meanwhile, what will IT leaders and vendors have to consider, change, revamp, or manage differently in order to achieve this end goal?

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Chris Buse
November 16, 2011
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CISO - State of Minnesota

MN is now finishing up on its move of all EUCC services to a cloud provider

Key issue for us was understanding and clarifying roles:

1. Security Architecture Services
2. Development of Comprehensive System Security Plan
3. Clear explantion of residual risks
4. Evangalize - make sure people Really understand the controls and what is being done to ensure compliance

Business Leaders:
1. Formal accepatance of residual risk

IT Leaders
1. Engage security from the onset, which happend in our case
2. Make security a core part of the entire effort

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