In my last blog, I discussed how transformational CIOs set direction and influence their teams to foster collaboration and change. Today, I hope to inspire CIOs to drive change in their external communities by sharing one of Delaware’s efforts in promoting cyber security education and career cultivation. One area where CIOs can drive workforce development and job growth is to promote the need for additional trained resources in the cyber security field.  Whether it is customer information held by retailers or personal data held by area banks, we increasingly rely on a skilled cyber workforce to protect our customers and our economy. Coincidentally, hundreds of unfilled jobs in this sector exist in Delaware today. I think it is extremely important to encourage our direct reports to drive leadership and change in their external communities. Our CSO Elayne Starkey is an avid cyber safety ambassador, and through her enthusiasm she has created partnerships with our educational institutions, local governments, business leaders and nationally recognized cyber education and training programs. We collaborated recently with JPMorgan Chase in sponsoring the Delaware Cyber Aces program, which provides a great model for how our alliance with the business community and higher education can help Delawareans develop the skills needed to transform their lives and strengthen their communities. This online education and job skills training program provided a series of free tutorials and assessments, and it was open to all Delawareans.