The car company Tesla makes fully electric vehicles that are the absolute finest, cleanest, quietest and fastest electric cars on the market. Whereas other cars are really just modest hybrids of electric and gas, a Tesla is a purely electric vehicle, and it is exponentially better for it. In-Memory Computing is to traditional computing what a Tesla is to a Prius. Many people view it as merely a way to speed everything up, but it’s important to understand that In-Memory represents an entirely new paradigm. The agility at which you can process data, literally hundreds if not thousands of times faster than before, means you can do things that were never before possible. Right now products like SAP’s HANA and Oracle’s Exalytics are on the lips of technology leaders, but it has yet to light the fire under people’s noses for the simple fact that it’s misunderstood. As part of our series on In-Memory Computing, we wanted to clear the air. Over the next few months we’ll look at whether In-Memory is ready for the mainstream, just how practitioners are adopting it today and what all beyond the technology it will take to enable Real Time Analytics. And we’re kicking off the whole thing with a look at one of the hottest products in the In-Memory market today, SAP HANA. Here’s a brief rundown of the whole series, and take a look at our channel page to find full topic descriptions, all the available podcasts for streaming, a list of guests and other In-Memory related resources and organizations.